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GreenMark Public Relations, Inc. is dedicated exclusively to increasing awareness about our natural resources, the environment and sustainable communities.

An intense belief in teamwork, decades of professional experience and a commitment to building successful relationships that yield exceptional results: GreenMark develops strategic communications programs in partnership with you.


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Our programs are targeted to reach your audience and achieve maximum visibility for your organization, business or event. GreenMark works with you to help your business make its unique green mark.


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With a proven track record for our sustainably-driven clients, we deliver impactful, integrated communications solutions through message development using earned media, public relations, sponsor cultivation and marketing.


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Why GreenMark? Because "green" is all we do.

Through our unique Grow Your Message WorkshopTM, we help businesses define their vision, mission and message priorities for lasting and thorough internal and external communications.


GreenMark Public Relations, Inc. offers unique, sustainable benefits no other firm can provide.


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From environment and earth-friendly products and services to lifestyle, travel, destination and gardening: eco-communications is our specialty.


Because GreenMark works in varied niche areas of the sustainable industry, we have relationships and in-depth knowledge of its culture and environment. This provides networking and cross-promotable synergies among our clients that impact their financial bottom line and grow their businesses.

Growing a successful, sustainable business requires

dedication, leadership, service and passion to make the world a more beautiful and healthful place to live.

Our clients are leaders in the sustainable industry.

Including one of America’s largest rooftop gardens, a game-changer at fostering a jobs-rich environment and one of the country’s oldest flower and garden shows.


GreenMark strategizes with clients large and small to help define what sustainability means to their business - and then we help them tell their unique stories.


GreenMark is passionate about helping sustainable businesses succeed in their mission because we believe in their best-practice values - and because we share a passion for our industry, too.


Our clients will tell you: GreenMark gets results.


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